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The 'Artist Archives' are a resource of information about artists who have previously worked with MASC. Please contact MASC if you would like to arrange for these artists to work in your school.

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Katherine Grier
Most of us love a good story.  We respond to the metaphors and distilled wisdom of the old tales -- the folktales, legends and myths - and to the true-to-life detail of family and personal-experience stories.  Katherine loves telling those tales.  She connects with her listeners, knows which stories appeal and tells out of a deep interest in how stories affirm and allow us to explore our own experience.  Her style is low key and she is known for her clear language, strong images and quiet humour. Katherine has been telling stories and using them in her work for the past thirty years.  She has worked extensively in the schools (K-12) through MASC, ArtsSmarts, and the Ontario Arts Council Artists in Education program.  She co-developed the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program (based on storytelling and oral-language play) in Toronto and brought it to Newfoundland and Labrador.  She has written non-fiction for older children, including Discover: Mysteries of the Past and Present for the Royal Ontario Museum (a Children's Literature Roundtables Honour Book).  She also tells at events such as the Toronto, St. John's and Ottawa Storytelling Festivals and the Ottawa Storytellers' NAC 4th Stage series.

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Anne Jackson

has a passion for visual arts and education, in equal measure. She has been a weaver and textile artist for 20 years and her work is represented in galleries and juried exhibitions. She is also a dedicated teacher, working in both the Catholic and Public schools in Ottawa-Carleton. With her MASC projects Anne brings these two facets together integrating visual expression and curriculum elements into fun-filled workshops where students are challenged to use their hands and their creativity to produce works. Anne has been an active member of the Ottawa Valley Weavers and Spinners Guild for 17 years, serving on the board, and coordinating classes and programming for professional and amateur fibre artists. Before getting her B.Ed, and beginning her teaching career, Anne was a cell biologist managing laboratories for molecular biotech companies helping to improve Canadian seed and oil crops. She has three daughters and enjoys skiing and wilderness canoeing.
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