Axis Theatre

An award-winning, world-class theatre company

Axis’ productions are performed in theatres and schools, enriching curriculum, drawing children into stories and giving them access to ideas in new ways. Their 59 original works have earned 21 Jessie Richardson Awards, A Betty Mitchell Award and a Drama Desk Nomination for Unique Theatrical Experience.

Axis Theatre is an entertaining, smart and inspirational company focused on engaging young and young-at-heart audiences.

In the age of “looking down,” Axis draws young eyes up to engage them in interactive experiences that educate, inspire and transform. Audiences experience smart, entertaining interpretations of traditional and cutting edge physical theatre. Axis incorporates combinations of red-nose clown, mime, movement, mask work, puppetry and improvisation to expand the meaning and impact of the stories presented. It is deceptively simple, completely fresh and memorable.

Curriculum Links

Responding to, reflecting on and analyzing music performances; recognize advanced vocabulary, analyze oral language and communication strategies, read and demonstrate comprehension; The themes in the production support an understanding of the importance of contributing to the community, solving problems in a peaceful way, defending human rights and exercising democratic rights and responsibilities.

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French Immersion

AVAILABLE ONLINE: School Performance: Th'owxiya: The Hungry Feast Dish

New Program Residency Performance English

Immerse yourself in the legend of the basket ogress, Th’owxiya, an old hungry spirit that inhabits a feast dish full of bountiful delicious foods. This Kwantlen First Nations tale follows a sly Mouse (Kw’at’el) who is caught stealing cheese from this feast dish. To appease an angry Th’owxiya, Kw’at’el embarks on a journey to find two children for the ogress to eat, or else! Come enjoy the traditional Coast Salish and Sto:lo music, masks, and imagery while learning how Raven (Sqeweqs), Bear (Spa:th), and Sasquatch (Sasq’ets) trick a hungry spirit and save Kw’at’el and their family from becoming the feast!

Senior Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7
Time and Price:
Online: Video on Demand
One performance: 50 minute video + online meeting with the artist $570 + GST
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