New Artists

Kellylee Evans
Kellylee Evans 3.jpg

Curriculum links:  Explore musical heritage and history; jazz history and interpretation; singing, posture and voice; establishing links between imagery and concepts; evaluate the artistic quality of a song; the importance of poetry and self-expression in community and history.  View artist's page

Mauricio Ruiz
Mauricio 2019 Colour.jpg

Curriculum links: recognize a set of elements that perform a given function, problem solving, geometric figures, develop critical and creative thinking, strengthen collaboration and innovation, learn engraving techniques and artistic creation. View artist's page

Brad Lafortune
Brad Lafortune for web.jpg

Curriculum links: Understand expressions of Métis culture and identity through dance; explore how dance keeps culture alive and reflects identity; identify how dance builds community and how Métis culture is reflected in Métis dance; blending of dance traditions; active listening skills, patterns of music; rhythm; identify unique dance elements of traditional Métis jigging.  View artist's page

Créations In Vivo

Curriculum links: Communicating in front of an audience: storytelling, improvisation, debate; developing stage presence; public speaking; body language and non-verbal communication; listening skills and communication; drama, oratory, theatre arts, and writing.   View artist's page

Emily Rose Michaud
Emily Rose Michaud.jpg

Curriculum links: Explore environmentally and socially engaged art, cultivate agency on ecological issues, foster creative confidence, independent thought, deepen artistic skills. Suitable for subjects in art and nature (earth sciences, ecology, biology, geography, history). Working with colour, texture, drawing, perception, measurement; explore the relationship between person and place View artist's page

Propeller Dance


Curriculum links: Character development: empathy, equity, inclusion, respect for diversity, anti-bullying, self-development, social interaction Elements of Dance: space, shape, time, energy, relationships, self-expression. View artist's page

Jacqui Du Toit
Jacqui Du Toit.jpg

Curriculum links: Explore aspects of African culture; active listening skills; empathy; plot, character, rhythm, story structure, and narrative arc; cultural inclusion; myth and legend; non-verbal communication, mime, gesture, oral language and storytelling. View artist's page