New Artists

Kathryn Patricia

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Curriculum links:  Awareness of elements of music; Demonstrate understanding that sound can be represented by symbols; Awareness of elements of design; Express initial reaction and personal responses to musical performances in a variety of ways.

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Curriculum links: African Culture; Awareness of elements of duration; Considerations on cultural context; Knowledge of form and style in writing; Active listening; Language as a fundamental element of culture. View artist's page

Jimmy Baptiste

Jimmy Baptiste.jpg

Curriculum links: Awareness of elements of design; Awareness of composition using selected principles of design; historical and cultural context of graffiti art; Variety of techniques and materials to generate two and three-dimensional works of art; Awareness of meaning of signs, symbols, and styles in graffiti art. View artist's page

Kseniya Tsoy

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Curriculum links: History and culture of Central Asia; explore nomadic cultures’ artistic traditions  and folklore symbolism; learn about symmetry, geometry and explore the properties of shapes, repeated patterns and tessellations; express and communicate ideas through graphic illustration; exercise problem solving and design thinking; cross-curricular links to STEM.   View artist's page