New Artists

Suzan Lavertu
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Curriculum links:  Learn traditional Afro-Caribbean dance movements; create a dance piece; explore aspects of Afro-Caribbean culture; connect dance, music, and culture.
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Ottawa Children's Theatre
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Curriculum links: Use various techniques (verbal and physical) to interpret and respond to different scenarios; explore Shakespearean language and characters.
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Amanda West Lewis
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Curriculum links: Listen to an author presentation based on World War II; use elements of story and poetry writing; cross-curricular link to visual arts.
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Alicia Borisonik
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Curriculum links: Understand the rich diversity of multicultural music and instruments; gain an appreciation for the relationship between culture and music; create percussive responses using both body and various percussive instruments applying elements of music to personal compositions created.
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Abel Maxwell
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Curriculum links: Experience vocal music through singing techniques creating and reproducing sounds and rhythmic sequences; gain appreciation for principles of rhythmic loops created by our voice; create personal small group performances of segments; create a choreography of movements and rhythms using body parts; explore the relationship between body percussion and dance.
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Luciano Porto
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Curriculum links: Gain an appreciation of the relationship between Brazilian culture, dance and music; explore traditional Brazilian rhythm/song by hands on experience of traditional instruments; explore three part musical arrangements of Carnival music.
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Élisabeth Auger-Voyer
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Curriculum links: Use a variety of elements of design to produce two- and three-dimensional works of art; cross curricular science focus.
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Mélodie and Nathalie Coutou
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Curriculum links: Collaborate to produce a piece of art, in response to a legend, in a cultural context.
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