Online programming

MASC Online Program 

MASC is pleased to present its new Online Program offered to schools and communities.
In our pilot program, we will eventually offer interactive live performances and workshops in all artistic disciplines: dance, music, literary, media, dramatic and visual arts.
Our affordable prices will ensure that schools and communities can access MASC professional artistic experiences. In exchange, we will ask participants to fill out an evaluation form so we can develop a reliable program that fulfill your needs and expectations.

Interactive Workshops

Maximum 15-30 students (depending on the workshop)
One 45 minute session   $140 + HST
Two 45 minutes sessions  $200 + HST

Participants will have the chance to meet and interact with the following artists in live-streamed sessions.


  Brad Lafortune

Métis Jigging  Grades: 3 - 12/sec V
Jigging, the traditional dance of the Métis people, was created just like the Métis people themselves - from the merger and blend of First Nations and settler cultures. Its intricate footwork demonstrates similarities to both First Nations and highland dance accompanied by the instruments and form of European music. Celebrate the unique history and culture of Métis people with dances like the “Red River Jig”, “Heel-Toe Polka”, and the “Orange Blossom Special”. Maximum: 30 students

Curriculum Links 
Understand expressions of Métis culture and identity through dance; explore how dance keeps culture alive and reflects identity; identify how dance builds community and how Métis culture is reflected in Métis dance; blending of dance traditions; active listening skills, patterns of music; rhythm; identify unique dance elements of traditional Métis jigging.

For questions and to book an activity, please contact Meagan at

  Suzan Richards Lavertu

Afro-Caribbean Dance   Grades: K - 12/sec V
Students will explore the fundamentals of Afro-Caribbean dance while learning traditional movements and then integrating them into a short choreography. Throughout the workshop, information about the history, indigenous people of the Caribbean, music, traditional clothes and movements associated with these dances is shared by the artist, allowing the students to anchor their learning in the cultural context from which these dances originate. This unique blend of cultures mixed with the traditional and ceremonial rites of passage of the indigenous people of the Caribbean has created the vibrancy and celebratory nature of Afro-Caribbean Dance. Maximum: 30 students

Curriculum Links  Explore aspects of Afro-Caribbean culture and dance, storytelling, oral literacy, active listening skills, story structure, myth and legend.
For questions and to book an activity, please contact Meagan at


  Ottawa Children’s Theatre

Improvisation  Grades: 4 - 12/sec V
In this online course, students will dive into the creative spontaneity of Improvisation. A great skill for anyone to develop, improvisation teaches how to take risks and try new things in a supportive environment. Students will create scenes and original characters through theatrical play and outrageous fun!   Maximum: 15 students

Acting Skills  Grades: 4  - 12/sec V  (English/French)
In this online workshop, students discover the tools in an actor’s Tool Box: voice, body and mind. Students will work with their Tool Box through drama games that explore how we communicate thoughts and feelings. Working with poetry helps student expand their language skills and bring original characters to life.  Maximum: 15 students

Acting Up  Grades: 1 - 3  (English/French)
In this on-line workshop, children learn how language, music, movement and visual arts all work together to express ideas. Students will use their voices and bodies to tell stories through drama. It’s a highly creative and fun class that helps develop confidence and empathy.    Maximum: 15 students

Curriculum Links  Use various techniques (verbal and physical) to interpret and respond to different scenarios; roleplaying, learning to communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas; learning to speak and act with confidence.
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Literary Arts

Jamaal and mic.jpg  Just Jamaal the Poet

Songwriters Unite!  Grades: 4 - 12/sec V
In this outcome-based song writing workshop, participants will learn the framework that songwriters use to create lyrics for a song. Students will explore song themes, melody creation, song writing structures and language selection that they will use to create songs of their own. From exploration to development to presentation, this workshop invites students to find their muse, write it out in a song and share their lyrics! Maximum: 30 students

Curriculum Links  Supports literacy  by exploring language devices such as pattern, rhyme, figurative speech and syllabic metre; explores traditional and contemporary functions of melodic language for effective song creation and rhythmic storytelling.
For questions and to book an activity, please contact Meagan at

ALewis_2.jpg Amanda West Lewis

Young Poets Workshop  Grades: 2 - 12/sec V
Poetry encourages you to play. In your writing playground are words, thoughts, images and emotions. This workshop will dive into that playground to use writing prompts, vocal games, creative drama and readings to create individual and group poems. Maximum: 15 students

Starting with Pictures: Writing Original Characters    Grades: 5 - 12/sec V
A picture can tell you a lot about a person. But it’s the writer who discovers who that person is and how they fit into a story. This workshop will use photographs and pictures to get participants creating characters. Those characters will then lead us into unique, vibrant and unexpected places. We’ll let the characters take charge as we develop scenes, scenarios and stories.  Maximum: 15 Students

Conflict from Both Sides  Grades: 5 - 12/sec V   (Author Reading)
In this workshop, author Amanda Lewis talks about the story behind the story of her novels September 17 and The Pact. Amanda will show photographs to illustrate the lives of the real children who inspired the stories told in her books. The focus is on an empathetic understanding of World War 2 from a child’s perspective view. There will also be an open discussion about the writing and research process. A brief reading will be included, and students are welcome to come with questions. Maximum: 30 students

Curriculum Links   Listen to an author presentation based on World War II; use elements of story and poetry writing; cross-curricular link to visual arts.
For questions and to book an activity, please contact Meagan at

Visual Arts

Claudia painting for web.jpg  Claudia Salguero

Unique Colouring Creations    Grades: 9 - 12/sec V
Participants will learn how to create a unique, personal and colourful fluid drawing using colouring pencils. Claudia will teach them how to blend and combine colours while talking about colour theory and the meaning of colour. Since each design will be unique to each participant, Claudia will guide them through the decision making so they feel confident and proud of their own creation. Materials: Colour Pencils and Paper.
One workshop is two sessions of 45 minutes. Maximum: 30 students

Curriculum Links  The image painted by participants may be inspired by any educational subject such as Canada’s history, flora, fauna or landscapes; classical or modern art; ecosystems; science, and other global subjects; free hand drawing; colouring pencil techniques; colour theory; spatial reasoning; problem solving; listening skills; observation; dimension; contrast; rhythm.
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Online Performances


  Twin Flames

Sharing Stories of Unbreakable Spirits
  Grades: 4 - 12/sec V   (English/French)
Twin Flames take listeners on a musical journey across Canada and the Arctic, echoing the voices of their ancestors and depicting life on the land. Together, Chelsey June (Métis) and Jaaji (Inuk, Mohawk) represent the Indigenous groups in Canada (Inuit, First Nations and Métis). Their songs are written in English, French and Inuktitut. Through music they share the beauty of their cultures and incorporate both traditional Indigenous and western instruments. This interactive show features original songs, thought-provoking stories and an introduction to Canada’s History, present and future from an Indigenous perspective. Older audiences will also learn about realities that Inuit and Indigenous people face today and historical moments that led to a changed way of life, through stories and songs. Maximum: 100 students

One 45 minutes session (Includes Q&A)  $715 + HST

Curriculum Links 
Understand the rich diversity of Inuit, Indigenous and Métis cultures in Canada; gain an appreciation, through an interactive musical experience, for their cultures and the use of both traditional and western instruments; explore the realities of life as an Inuit and Indigenous person both historically and present day.
For questions and to book an activity, please contact Meagan at

chris mckhool for web.jpg  Chris McKhool

Earth, Seas and Air   Grades: K - 6
JUNO Award nominee and Parent’s Choice Award winner Chris McKhool gets students clapping, singing, and talking about taking care of the Earth. Featuring songs from his appearances on Mr. Dressup, YTV's Treehouse and the CBC, Chris takes his audience beyond the 3 R’s of ecology to a new level of understanding our global ecological connection to forests, air, water and animals. 100% fun! (Includes Study Guide and link to Spotify playlist). Maximum: 100 students

One 45 minutes session (Includes Q&A)   $370 + HST

Curriculum Links  Celebrating diversity through music; respect for environment/life systems; introduction to folk instruments, Character Education: caring, leadership, responsibility, respect and teamwork.

  Brad Lafortune

Métis Culture and History Grades: 3 - 12/sec V 
Dive into métis culture and history through the performance of jigging. This traditional danse of the Métis people is filled with influences of First Nations pow wow footsteps mixed with a taste of Irish dance. Through dances like the Red River Jig and the Orange Blossom Special, learn about the creation of the métis people and their distinct mixed culture.