Online programming

MASC Online Program 

MASC is pleased to present its new Online Program offered to schools and communities.

We offer interactive live performances and workshops in all artistic disciplines: dance, music, literary, media, dramatic and visual arts.
Our affordable prices will ensure that schools and communities can access MASC professional artistic experiences. In exchange, we will ask participants to fill out an evaluation form so we can develop a reliable program that fulfill your needs and expectations.

*Please note that new fees will be applied to all online bookings starting on August 24th 2020

Dance ______________________________________

Brad English Jellybean.pngSonia English Jellybean.pngSuzan jellybean.png

Drama  _____________________________________

OCT English Jellybean.pngSkeleton English jellybean.pngVox Theatre English Jellybean.jpg

Literary Arts  ___________________________________

Amanda Lewis jellybean.pngJennifer Jellybean.pngJamaal Eng Jellybean.pngEleanor jellybean.pngDaniel Richer English Jellybean.jpgJacqui Du Toit Jellybean.jpg

Music _________________________________________

Twin Flames jellybean.pngChris McKhool Jellybean.pngKatherine Patricia Jellybean.pngSultans jellybean.jpg

Visual Arts  _________________________________

Claudia Jellybean.pngTina English Jellybean.pngRhonda Jellybean.jpgJo Rioux Eng Jellybean.jpgEmily Rose Michaud Jellybean.jpg

"I want to thank you for your continued professionalism, patience, and amazing coordinations last week for all our virtual workshops. My colleagues and I really appreciated the quality of the workshops and I know that the students who were present enjoyed the workshops too.
   All artists were wonderful to work with and they were quick to adapt their in class workshops so easily to a virtual platform. Most of all, MASC artists have proved once again that they are not just experts in their disciplines but amazing individuals!" Shaz Tyndale, OCDSB Teacher

Participants will have the chance to meet and interact with the artists in live-streamed sessions.