Interactive Workshops

Maximum 15-30 students (depending on the workshop)
One 45 minute session   $140 + HST
Two 45 minutes sessions  $280 + HST                                                                     Two 45 minute sessions (max. 15 students per session) $240HST

   Ottawa Children’s Theatre

Improvisation  Grades: 4 - 12/sec V   Book Now
In this online course, students will dive into the creative spontaneity of Improvisation. A great skill for anyone to develop, improvisation teaches how to take risks and try new things in a supportive environment. Students will create scenes and original characters through theatrical play and outrageous fun!   Maximum: 15 students

One 45 minute session   $140 + HST
Two 45 minutes sessions  $250 + HST   

Acting Skills  Grades: 4  - 12/sec V   Book Now
In this online workshop, students discover the tools in an actor’s Tool Box: voice, body and mind. Students will work with their Tool Box through drama games that explore how we communicate thoughts and feelings. Working with poetry helps student expand their language skills and bring original characters to life.  Maximum: 15 students

One 45 minute session   $140 + HST
Two 45 minutes sessions  $250 + HST   

Acting Up  Grades: 1 - 3    Book Now
In this on-line workshop, children learn how language, music, movement and visual arts all work together to express ideas. Students will use their voices and bodies to tell stories through drama. It’s a highly creative and fun class that helps develop confidence and empathy.    Maximum: 15 students

One 45 minute session   $140 + HST
Two 45 minutes sessions  $250 + HST   

Curriculum Links  Use various techniques (verbal and physical) to interpret and respond to different scenarios; roleplaying, learning to communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas; learning to speak and act with confidence.

skeleton key for web.jpg    Skeleton Key Theatre

Creating Theatre (45 minutes)  Grades: 4 - 6  Book Now
Every kid is a character in this new online workshop! Junior students will build on their knowledge of drama as they are led through the process of creating original characters. Students will be guided to find their own neutral body position, learn how to make adjustments safely through "leading" to achieve different character bodies, and play with vocal resonators to discover new and unexpected character voices! Maximum: 30 participants

Devising Theatre  Grades 7-12/Sec V Book Now

Older students learn from working with artists who are pushing the boundaries of the form and contributing to the canon of new Canadian work. They will explore and learn techniques for character creation, and then *collaborate in small groups working as an artistic team to interpret source material, integrate parameters (including some new virtual ones!), and discover surprising and unconventional ways to tell a story through theatrical expression. Maximum 30 students

*to split into small groups the call needs to be held on Zoom.

Curriculum Links  Engaging in dramatic role play; identifying elements of drama and analysing dramatic structure; developing creative risk-taking and problem-solving skills; planning and shaping dramatic work through scene building and storytelling; exploring theatrical style and form; exploring multiple perspectives through character and form; devising and creation skills.