Online Performances

  Twin Flames

Sharing Stories of Unbreakable Spirits
  Grades: 4 - 12/sec V   (English/French) Book Now
Twin Flames take listeners on a musical journey across Canada and the Arctic, echoing the voices of their ancestors and depicting life on the land. Together, Chelsey June (Métis) and Jaaji (Inuk, Mohawk) represent the Indigenous groups in Canada (Inuit, First Nations and Métis). Their songs are written in English, French and Inuktitut. Through music they share the beauty of their cultures and incorporate both traditional Indigenous and western instruments. This interactive show features original songs, thought-provoking stories and an introduction to Canada’s History, present and future from an Indigenous perspective. Older audiences will also learn about realities that Inuit and Indigenous people face today and historical moments that led to a changed way of life, through stories and songs. Maximum: 500 students
One 45 minutes session (Includes Q&A)  $715 + HST

Curriculum Links 
Understand the rich diversity of Inuit, Indigenous and Métis cultures in Canada; gain an appreciation, through an interactive musical experience, for their cultures and the use of both traditional and western instruments; explore the realities of life as an Inuit and Indigenous person both historically and present day.

chris mckhool for web.jpg  Chris McKhool

Earth, Seas and Air
   Grades: K - 6   Book Now
JUNO Award nominee and Parent’s Choice Award winner Chris McKhool gets students clapping, singing, and talking about taking care of the Earth. Featuring songs from his appearances on Mr. Dressup, YTV's Treehouse and the CBC, Chris takes his audience beyond the 3 R’s of ecology to a new level of understanding our global ecological connection to forests, air, water and animals. 100% fun! (Includes Study Guide and link to Spotify playlist). Maximum: 500 students
One 45 minutes session (Includes Q&A)   $370 + HST

Curriculum Links  Celebrating diversity through music; respect for environment/life systems; introduction to folk instruments, Character Education: caring, leadership, responsibility, respect and teamwork.

Kathryn Patricia for web.jpg  Kathryn Patricia

Selah Seniors  Book Now
Selah, is a set of works written for viola and loop pedal. An ancient word found in Hebrew biblical texts, Selah has been described as a pause, and a time of reflection that often-included musical interlude. These pieces are based out the emotions and life experiences of the human spirit. Through this show Kathryn invites listeners to enter into a time of reflection and mindfulness. As a skilled facilitator, Kathryn guides audiences to reflect on the images and stories connected to each piece of music presented. Maximum: 100 participants
One 45 minutes session
  $340+ HST

Stories Told: Celebrating Canadian Folk Seniors  Book Now
This musical performance centres around Folk and War Songs. Illuminating the stories and themes surrounding these melodies, listeners will experience traditional folk songs through a new harmonic lens. This chamber concert for viola and loop pedal highlights both folk, Canadiana inspired compositions and original music by loop pedal violist, composer and arranger Kathryn Patricia Cobbler. Maximum: 100 participants
One 45 minutes session  $340+ HST

Catch The Rising Sun Seniors  Book Now
Catch The Rising Sun, presents a poetic retelling of the Greek Mythology story of the Fall of Icarus intertwined with music from Kathryn Patricia's EP, Catch The Rising Sun. Both through the music and the story text, this program will explore the protagonist, Icarus, and his relationship to the sun--its light, wonder, and shadow side. This program will share this timeless story along with invite listeners on a journey to explore the sights and sounds of the story landscape through music. Maximum: 100 participants
One 45 minutes session  $340+ HST

Celtic Rath for web.jpg  Celtic Rathskallions

Multi Instrument Kaleidoscope  Seniors    Book Now
Join the Celtic Rathskallions and watch and listen to a wide variety of musical instruments (up to 30) being performed on and discussed. An informative and fascinating experience featuring instruments from around the world.    Maximum 100 participants
One performance of 45 minutes    $340 + HST

Sing along   Seniors   Book Now
Invite Wendy and Arthur to come and lead a group sing-along of fun and familiar favourites. Song sheets are provided via email or through the screen of the video call for those who want to fully participate, and others can just come out and tap their toes and enjoy the music. Maximum 100 participants
One performance of 45 minutes    $340 + HST

Online Workshops

Kathryn Patricia for web.jpg  Kathryn Patricia

Sound in Living Colour  Grades: K - 8/sec II   Book Now
Kathryn will guide students through this multidisciplinary workshop, drawing correlations between music and painting. While listening to different atmospheric pieces played by Kathryn with her viola, students will paint landscapes and reflect on people, places and images that inspire them to tell their life stories. Participants will learn painting techniques and reflect on the music and type of imagery they experience. Maximum: 30 students

Creative Composition Workshop   Grades: K - 8/sec II   Book Now
As Kathryn performs musical excerpts throughout the workshop, students will be encouraged to think of stories that inspire them (fiction and non-fiction) as well as what kind of a musical soundtrack they would like to accompany these stories. Kathryn will highlight musical terms and skills found in the music, allowing the students to interact with these musical concepts through interactive activities.  Maximum: 30 students

Curriculum Links Awareness of elements of music; Demonstrate understanding that sound can be represented by symbols; Awareness of elements of design; Express initial reaction and personal responses to musical performances in a variety of ways.

Jamaal and mic.jpg  Just Jamaal the Poet

Songwriters Unite!  Grades: 4 - 12/sec V   Book Now
In this outcome-based song writing workshop, participants will learn the framework that songwriters use to create lyrics for a song. Students will explore song themes, melody creation, song writing structures and language selection that they will use to create songs of their own. From exploration to development to presentation, this workshop invites students to find their muse, write it out in a song and share their lyrics! Maximum: 30 students

Curriculum Links  Supports literacy  by exploring language devices such as pattern, rhyme, figurative speech and syllabic metre; explores traditional and contemporary functions of melodic language for effective song creation and rhythmic storytelling.