Visual Arts

Interactive Workshops

Maximum 15-30 students (depending on the workshop)
One 45 minute session   $140 + HST
Two 45 minutes sessions  $280 + HST

Claudia painting for web.jpg  Claudia Salguero

Unique Colouring Creations    Grades: 9 - 12/sec V    Book Now
Participants will learn how to create a unique, personal and colourful fluid drawing using colouring pencils. Claudia will teach them how to blend and combine colours while talking about colour theory and the meaning of colour. Since each design will be unique to each participant, Claudia will guide them through the decision making so they feel confident and proud of their own creation. Materials: Colour Pencils and Paper.
One workshop is two sessions of 45 minutes. Maximum: 30 students

Curriculum Links  The image painted by participants may be inspired by any educational subject such as Canada’s history, flora, fauna or landscapes; classical or modern art; ecosystems; science, and other global subjects; free hand drawing; colouring pencil techniques; colour theory; spatial reasoning; problem solving; listening skills; observation; dimension; contrast; rhythm.

Eleanor for web.jpg  Eleanor Crowder

Wild Words  Grades: K - 6   Book Now
Join playwright and poet Eleanor Crowder in an integrated arts workshop that explores imagination beyond limits. Students will create an illustration and a poem inspired by personal stories and memories. Each person will need 3 pieces of paper, a dark pen or pencil, two colours of crayons, watercolours, or acrylic paints (dark and light).  A notebook or jotter will also be useful. Maximum: 30 participants

Curriculum Links 
Ability to use language and images in rich and varied forms and think critically about ideas; Understanding of all elements of design: line, shape, form, space, colour, texture, and value; Capacity to think imaginatively and analytically, and to communicate thoughts and ideas effectively; Foster students' communication skills.

Kathryn Patricia for web.jpg  Kathryn Patricia

Sound in Living Colour  Grades: K - 8/sec II   Book Now
Kathryn will guide students through this multidisciplinary workshop, drawing correlations between music and painting. While listening to different atmospheric pieces played by Kathryn with her viola, students will paint landscapes and reflect on people, places and images that inspire them to tell their life stories. Participants will learn painting techniques and reflect on the music and type of imagery they experience. Maximum: 30 students

Curriculum Links Awareness of elements of music; Demonstrate understanding that sound can be represented by symbols; Awareness of elements of design; Express initial reaction and personal responses to musical performances in a variety of ways.

Rhonda for web.jpg  Rhonda Doxtator

Medicine Pouches Grades: 3 - 8/sec II   Book Now
This hands-on interactive workshop will guide students through the creative process of making their own personal medicine pouch. Students will have the opportunity to explore the purpose of medicine pouches, touching on basic teachings of the four sacred medicines, the medicine wheel, and the seven grandfather teachings and how they pertain to all walks of creation. Maximum: 30 students  Materials: $2.50 + HST per student

Curriculum Links  Understand the rich diversity of Indigenous cultures in Canada; gain an appreciation for the relationship between culture and visual arts: Explore the realities of life as an Indigenous person both historically and present day.

Emily Rose Michaud for web.jpg  Emily Rose Michaud

Drawing - Reflections on Water    Grades: 2 - 12/sec V   Book Now
Have you ever look at a water molecule under a microscope? There are six sides, just like a snowflake. If you are looking for a creative way to relax or are having trouble sitting still, this meditative drawing session might be just what you're looking for. No drawing skill or experience is necessary - only a desire to relax and be creative. We will create a six-sided hexagon with a center pattern. Reflected from the micro to the macro in the world as we know it, it is a pattern found in nature and is seen in biology, geology, chemistry, physics and astronomy. Maximum: 30 students
Materials: scissors, drawing paper (black, white, coloured), pencil, eraser, colouring pencils (have a nice effect on a black background), sharpener, ruler, and compass (optional)

Curriculum Links Explore environmentally and socially engaged art, cultivate agency on ecological issues, foster creative confidence, independent thought, deepen artistic skills. Suitable for subjects in art and nature (earth sciences, ecology, biology, geography, history). Working with colour, texture, drawing, perception, measurement; explore the relationship between person and place.