Programs for Artists

MASC Artist-to-Artist Mentorship

MASC Artist-to-Artist Mentorship is a program that has been designed specifically to bring artists from diverse traditions and communities wishing to work together for the purposes of delivering arts programming to schools in the National Capital Region. Artists working in all disciplines across Ontario are invited to submit applications to work with a MASC artist in the same discipline for a 10-day residency in schools.


An artist's application to work in the MASC Artist-to-Artist Mentorship program, should focus on the following priorities:

1) How would working with a MASC artist, teachers and children in a classroom benefit you (the Intern)? Talk about the skills you would like to develop.

2) How would your work with children and a teacher in a classroom benefit them? Talk about what skills you can bring to the classroom, as the Intern, and what special skills you can leave behind.

Please write a brief proposal up to a maximum of 1500 words.

Please send applications to:
MASC, 250 Holland Ave.
Ottawa, ON K1Y 0Y5
Phone: (613) 725-9119  Fax: (613) 728-3872

Applications will be received on an ongoing basis.
Once selected for theMASC Artist-to-Artist Mentorship program, the Intern will consult with a MASC programming director to select and book an appropriate MASC artist who will be the Mentor. The MASC programming director will also arrange for the residency to take place at a school serving high need communities, and will assist with travel arrangements for the Intern, if necessary.

The Mentor and Intern will work together to create a workplan, by which the Intern will develop the desired skills, as outlined in the Intern's application to MASC, and through consultation with the Mentor.

The residency project will take place over a 10-day period, fours hours per day, plus two hours for evaluation and consultation. The residency will be subsidized through MASC's funding opportunities. The residency program will follow the MASC Artist's usual workplan, with the Intern in attendance and fully participating.

Terms of the MASC Mentorship:

1) The Mentor agrees to spend one 8-hour day with the Intern to create a workplan in advance of the residency.

2) The workplan should include the following aspects:

  • The Intern will be in attendance with the Mentor at all times designated in the workplan.
  • The Intern will be instructed on the particulars of working with the student group. This will include age characteristics, classroom management, creating a lesson plan and making curriculum links.
  • The Intern will have one hour "before" and one hour "after" each residency day for personal consultation and evaluation with the Mentor.
  • The Intern will be a classroom assistant at the start of the residency with increasing teaching duties during, ending with the Intern as artist-teacher. The workplan should include a total of 10 hours of practical teaching for the Intern, observed and assisted by the Mentor.

3) The Mentor agrees to conduct this residency project as usual, in the MASC format, with the expectation that additional mentorship duties will be added to his/her workload.

4) The Mentor agrees to provide feedback to the Intern, designed to train the Intern to teach his/her art form, and how to interact with the classroom teacher and student group.