Artist-in-Residence Programs 2018 - 2019

Artist-in-Residence and Cross-Disciplinary programs provide hands-on learning opportunities for students through three, five and ten-day artist-led projects. The longer an artist has to work in a school, the more in-depth the experience for the participants.

Programs move from cursory and introductory to deeply enriching and thorough.  In an Artist-in-Residence program, artists and teachers work collaboratively to create curriculum-based projects that can be implemented either with a single class or an entire school. Subsidies available for eligible schools - application deadline December 3, 2018

For more information contact English Bookings Coordinator Cheryl Carman at or 613-725-9119 ext. 227.

The 2018-19 'Artist-in-Residence' form is available for download here.

Application Deadline: December 3rd, 2018

Artists offering Residency Programs (ask about other artists who may offer Residency Programs)
Residencies - Celtic Raths.jpg  Celtic Rathskallions - Ukulele   
Residencies - Claudia Salguero.jpg   Claudia Salguero - Plastic Caps Recycling Mural / Tire Planters
Alicia B Polaroid.jpg   Alicia Borisonik - New Artist - Multicultural Music Residency
Marc polaroid.jpg   Marc Walter - Create a Landscape Installation  
Melodie and Nathalie Polaroid.jpg  Mélodie & Nathalie Coutou - New Artist - Collective artwork inspired by an Indigenous legend
Shaun Poaroid.jpg Shaun Elie - Create a video from your own school equipment!/Custom creation
Skeleton Polaroid.jpgSkeleton Key Theatre - Residency

Ottawa Childrens theater Polaroid .jpgOttawa Children's Theatre - New Artist - A Muse of Fire/Theatre Clowns