Year-End Performances

Last chance booking availability for 2017/2018 school performances. A great way to end the school year!

Celtic Rathscallions Web Pic2  Celtic Rathskallions (Grades: K - 8)
This interactive performance includes Celtic songs and tunes performed on a wide variety of musical instruments: Celtic harp, tin whistle, bodhran, bagpipes and many more. The show also includes Ontario-style step-dancing, an original Celtic story dramatized and set to music as well as a dash of humour.    

  Daniel Richer  English/French 
Papoose Aki  (K-3)   In the sixth season the Elders gathered children around the fire and using the “Bag of Mystery” shared the legends and lessons of Mother Earth. Young students will enjoy this storytelling performance, which includes First Nations Sign language, a sign language game, songs and a dance of friendship.  

Seven Tales for Seven Teachings (K-7)   Daniel will guide students along the path of his Elders. Seven interactive stories and seven animal totems offer tools to be used in daily life. These teachings are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always entertaining and enlightening. 

  Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre  (Grades: K - 6)
The Dolls’ House    A loving family of toys are thrilled to finally get a house of their own, until they meet Marchpane, a nasty doll, a bully, who always gets her own way. This performance includes live music, a gorgeous, detailed dollhouse, and a video camera that brings the audience in for close-ups.
The Last Polar Bears The funny, moving story of a Grandfather’s unlikely trip to the Arctic with his opinionated dog, Roo.

  Junkyard Symphony (Grades: K-12)
Rhythm Explosion  A fusion of Junk percussion and traditional drums, Junkyard Symphony's Rhythm Explosion is an awesome adventure into beat, tempo, timing and the various rhythmical styles of music. Add in some talented drumming and plenty of audience participation and what you get is a fantastic percussive performance!

For more information email or call 613 725-9119 ext. 227