Workshops and Performances

Guided by our mandate of artistic excellence and creative process, and focusing on principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion, the MASC English Program in schools has a roster of 58 artists. At MASC, we strive to have a balanced representation of professional artists from different disciplines and diverse backgrounds.
In the 2018-2019 season, we offered 186 performances, 1,015 workshops, and 43 residencies. These had a positive impact on the lives of 53,409 students, participating artists, and teachers. Also, thanks to our funders, we were able to assist schools serving high need communities, allocating 55 subsidies representing $22,250.00 in subsidy dollars.

Community Fees: Artist Fees listed on this site are for schools only. Please enquire about fees for other organizations or venues

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Artist-in-Residence and Cross-Disciplinary programs provide hands-on learning opportunities for students through three, five and ten-day artist-led projects. The longer an artist has to work in a school, the more in-depth the experience for the participants. Programs move from cursory and introductory to deeply enriching and thorough.  In an Artist-in-Residence program, artists and teachers work collaboratively to create curriculum-based projects that can be implemented either with a single class or an entire school.
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