Videos On Demand

Videos on demand image Eng.

Broaden your students’ horizons with exhilarating virtual performances in dance, drama, and music! 

  • High-quality video performances for up to 500 students
  • Includes a follow-up Q&A between the artist(s) and a group of 60 students to deepen cultural and curriculum links
  • Schools can book additional meetings with the artist(s)

Teachers and educators are invited to book our Videos-On-Demand featuring MASC artists: 

Bboyism Eng Jellybean.jpgColores Andinos Eng Jellybean.jpgIndigenous Eng Jellybean.jpgJunkyard Eng Jellybean.jpgJust Aissi Eng Jellybean.jpgKatherine Patricia Jellybean.pngLeslie McCurdy Jellybean.jpgLouis Mercier Eng Jellybean.jpgPropeller Eng Jellybean.jpgRag and Bone Eng Jellybean.jpgRhonda Jellybean - Hoop dancing.jpgLuciano Porto JellybeanFana Soro JellybeanAlan Shain JellybeanKellylee Evans JellybeanAxis Theatre JellybeanTwin Flames jellybean.png

To book a MASC artist, contact