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English Newsletter 18 cover.jpgMASC experienced stable growth during 2016 – 2017, building on a changing school and community landscape, working through and with the arts.  Community programming is particularly enlarged, now a force behind MASC’s work, strongly complementing our activities in schools.  As evidenced by programs such as an expanding Awesome Arts en folie, Festival de danse, and Art au travail, there is a desire in communities to bring arts experiences to students and teachers during and after school, entire neighbourhoods including seniors and kindergartners, as well as staff and clients in business contexts.  MASC has answered the need, by reaching into many corners of the community in both French and English, serving at-risk youth, Indigenous youth, seniors and newcomers to Canada, all intersecting with the social services.  Our community partners help us with the delivery of MASC programs, providing the necessary social service supports and in-kind contributions. New programming and events continue to be explored as opportunities arise, such as the recent rural Awesome Arts in Kinburn.
   Nearly all regular and recurring programming activities are occurring during 2017-2018. This includes the English and French school program, the Seniors Program, as well as continuing PD for pre and in-service teachers, MASC Young Authors and Illustrators Festival, and the MASC Arts Awards.  Events such as Your Story, le Festival de Danse and Awesome Arts en folie have gained traction in the community.  

Audrey Churgin
Executive Director, MASC