A big year!

Audrey - Jan 17.jpgThe 2015 - 2016 school year began with labour issues between the Province of Ontario and its teachers, leading to the suspension of extra programming in schools. MASC programs fell into the category, and teachers did not book artists into their classes while the labour actions continued. Once the dispute was settled, bookings resumed at a strong and steady pace throughout the remainder of the school year. Despite the challenging start, MASC experienced a comparable year to many in the past five years. MASC artists continue to deliver their excellence in the arts to appreciative audiences across the region. However, the year before was an extraordinary success, and we’d hoped to build on that during 2015 - 2016.
   The new programs, events and projects that were introduced in the previous year continued into 2015 - 2016, allowing MASC to build capacity and experience in producing le Festival de danse, Art au travail and Your Story. The Seniors Program continued to grow, with senior’s venues demonstrating real enthusiasm for our programs and advocating for MASC in their community. Awesome Arts en folie has expanded and stabilized, with participating communities helping to fundraise for the events in their neighborhoods. All of these activities will be extended into 2016 - 2017 due to their exceptional successes.
   Thanks to our many partners, funders, artists, staff and Board, MASC is an important part of the City of Ottawa’s cultural community. We’ve touched the lives of nearly 2,000,000 students over the past 27 years, and look forward to leading the way into the future of arts and education.

Audrey Churgin
Executive Director, MASC