Press Coverage   May 28, 2021
Interview: Pow wow dancer and educator Rhonda Doxtator
By Jessica Ruano
Rhonda Square   May 21, 2021

Interview: Kate Smith of Skeleton Key Theatre
By Jessica Ruano
Kate Smith Square   May 20, 2021

Interview: Musician Alvaro de Minaya of Colores Andinos
By Jessica Ruano
Colores Andinos Square   May15, 2021

Interview: Deidre Hierlihy talks lithography, parenting, and the physicality of letters
By Jessica Ruano
Deidre Square   April 29, 2021

Wendy Hartley retires as MASC’s Co-Executive Director
By Jessica Ruano
Wendy Square   April 15, 2021

Interview: Kellylee Evans shares her thoughts on music, creativity, and community
By Jessica Ruano
Kellylee Evans Square   April 1, 2021

Interview: Leslie McCurdy works to alleviate anti-Black racism through her art and activism
By Jessica Ruano
Leslie McCurdy Square   March 25, 2021

Interview: Lola Ryan is a catalyst for growth through dance and movement
By Jessica Ruano
Lola Ryan Square   March 23, 2021
Future of Ottawa: Storytellers with Jacqui Du Toit
By Jessica Ruano
Jacqui Du Toit Square   March 18, 2021

Interview: Kseniya Tsoy is sharing her culture and creativity through community art
By Jessica Ruano
Kseniya Square

Ottawa Citizen March 2, 2021

Citizen article Mar21   March 4, 2021
Interview: VOX Théâtre reflects the major issues faced by young people art
By Jessica Ruano
Pier Rodier Square   February 25, 2021
Interview: Jimmy Baptiste aims to build a sense of ownership and belonging through his art
By Jessica Ruano
Jimmy Baptiste Square   February 4, 2021
Interview: Violist, composer, and storyteller Kathryn Patricia
By Jessica Ruano
Kathryn Patricia Square   January 22, 2021
Interview: Video artist Shaun Elie
By Jessica Ruano
Shaun Elie Square   January 14, 2021
Interview: Amanda West Lewis uses her writing to see the world from a child’s perspective
By Jessica Ruano
Amanda Lewis Square   December 10, 2020
Interview: Marc Walter’s land art seeks to remind us that creativity is within each of us
By Jessica Ruano
Marc-Walter Square.jpg   December 3, 2020
Interview: Créations In Vivo bring the performing arts to life in French in Ottawa
By Jessica Ruano
Cretaions in Vivo square.jpg   November 26, 2020
Interview: Kim Kilpatrick tells stories to connect with and spark creativity in others
By Jessica Ruano
Kim Kilpatrick Square.jpg   November 20, 2020
Interview: The Celtic Rathskallions bring music, dance, and drama to audiences of all ages
By Jessica Ruano
Celtic Rathskallions Square.jpg   November 12, 2020
Interview: Junkyard Symphony
By Jessica Ruano
Junkyard Jonny square.jpg   November 5, 2020
Interview: Katherine Battersby sees art as a tool for battling isolation
By Jessica Ruano
Katherine Battersby Square.jpg   October 29, 2020
Interview: Alan Shain frames disability as just one part of his story
By Jessica Ruano
Alan Shain Square.jpg

Ottawa Citizen  October 23, 2020
MASC artist, Claudia Salguero creates new mural during pandemic, with help from 32 families

CBC Ottawa Morning  October 27 2020
Claudia in front of Mural 2020.jpg   October 22, 2020
Interview: Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre explore infinite world of possibilities in puppetry
By Jessica Ruano
Rag and Bone Square.jpg   October 15, 2020
Interview: Multimedia artist and cultural researcher cj fleury
By Jessica Ruano
cj fleury square.jpg   October 2, 2020
Interview: Indigenous Experiences
By Jessica Ruano
Indigenous Experiences Square.jpg   Sept. 24, 2020

Interview: Mehdi Cayenne, an artist who defies categorization
By Jessica Ruano
Mehdi Square.jpg   Sept. 10, 2020
Interview: Wise Atangana shares the stories of his life through music
By Jessica Ruano
Wise Atangana Square.jpg   Sept. 3, 2020

Interview: Community muralist and multidisciplinary artist Claudia Salguero
By Jessica Ruano
Claudia square.jpg   Aug 27, 2020
Interview: Jennifer Cayley believes in the magic of storytelling and the power of art
By Jessica Ruano
Jennifer Cayley Square.png
By Jessica Ruano

Ottawa Citizen   Aug 18, 2020

Dance instructor Suzan Richards brought an Afro-Caribbean dance beat to Lowertown seniors in a program aiming to fight pandemic-era isolation.
Suzan Seniors Dance Square.jpg

CTV News Ottawa   Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2020

Suzan Richards - Dancing to break out of isolation
Suzan waving bandanas.jpg  August 13, 2020

Interview: Artist and educator Emily Rose Michaud creates bridges between art and life
By Jessica Ruano
Emily Rose Michaud Square.png   August 6, 2020

Interview: Storyteller, actor and educator Jacqui Du Toit
By Jessica Ruano
Jacqui Square for Apt613.png

Ottawa Morning with Robyn Bresnahan July 29, 2020
Video created to 'Give Hope' to York Street Public School Students with Just Jamaal the Poet
Jamaal Square.jpg  July 23,  2020
Interview: Eleanor Crowder Actor, Director and Playwright
By Jessica Ruano
Eleanor Crowder square.jpg  July 16, 2020
Interview: Animator Tina Le Moine wants to spark passion and help people tell stories
By Jessica Ruano
Tina square.jpg  July 9, 2020
Interview: Amanda Lewis, Founder and Artistic Director of the Ottawa Children’s Theatre
By Jessica Ruano
Ottawa-Childrens-Theatre-for-apt613.jpg  July 2, 2020
Interview: Chelsey June and Jaaji of Twin Flames
By Jessica Ruano
Twin Flames 2019 Square.jpg  June 25, 2020

Interview: JUNO nominee and Canadian Folk Music Award winner Chris McKhool
By Jessica Ruano
Chris McKhool for Apt613.png  June 17, 2020

Interview: Brad Lafortune teaches Métis jigging workshops and shares the intricacies of Métis culture.  By Jessica Ruano
Brad Grab for Apt613.jpg  June 10, 2020
Interview: Inclusive dance company Propeller Dance and artistic associate Liz Winkelaar
By Jessica Ruano
Liz Winkelaar for web site.jpg  June 4, 2020
Interview: Dance teacher and choreographer Suzan Richards  By Jessica Ruano
Suzan square for apt613.jpg  May 28, 2020
Interview: Rhonda Doxtator
Rhonda.png  May 21, 2020
Interview: Kate Smith of Skeleton Key Theatre
Kate Smitth from Apt613.png  May 14, 2020
Interview: Jamaal Jackson Rogers a.k.a. Just Jamaal the Poet
Jamaal apt613 grab.png  May 12, 2020

MASC: Artists are vital to our community
Claudias Mural Grab.png

Wise words from MASC co-founder Jennifer Cayley.
Jennifer Cayley Video 2020.png

CBC Ottawa News May 15 2020   26:32 - 27:13
CBC header grab.png

Entre nous  TVRogers : Entrevue avec notre directrice de la programmation francophone au sujet de notre nouvel événement IllustrAuteurs (à partir de 00 :47 :30)   1er mai 2020.
EntreNous grab.jpg