Strategic Plan 2020 - 2025

Strat Plan Grab 2020.jpg

Over the past year, MASC's Board of Directors worked with leadership and fundraising coach Jenny Mitchell to create the MASC Strategic Plan for 2020-2025. The team reviewed MASC's 30+ year legacy and explored the ways in which the organization will continue boldly into the future.

For those who appreciate a quick summary, here are the highlights of our Strategic Plan:
Highlights (1 page)

Part way through this planning, MASC was faced with new challenges presented by Covid-19, and these elements have been included in the full version of the Strategic Plan, which is also available for your viewing:
Strategic Plan in full (8 pages)

Around the world, we are all dealing with a great deal of uncertainty, but one thing remains clear in our minds: the creativity of artists is essential in times of adversity and, more than ever, MASC is relying on its artists to inspire positive change and hope across our communities. 

While the pandemic has presented many obstacles in terms of connecting with schools and communities, we have also been gifted with a number of opportunities. Together with our artists, we have developed a comprehensive online program consisting of 200 workshops and performances catered to students of all ages, as well as community groups. From live presentations at-a-distance to videos-on-demand, MASC has something for every classroom and gathering space across Canada.

We are grateful to our MASC artists, our Board of Directors, and Jenny Mitchell for shining a light on the many possibilities in MASC's future as we plan for the next 5 years - whatever comes our way!