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Craig Conoley is an award-winning digital content producer & director with over 10 years of experience working in advertising and documentary production. After completing his honours in Film & Media from Queens University, Craig produced a documentary series for Nepal’s Ministry of Agriculture & Development entitled’ The Cooperators’. Continuing his foray into the documentary form, Craig went on to produce, direct and edit 4 Kids, an award-winning short for TVO. Craig has been working with MASC through the Awesome Arts program since 2014, and now as a roster artist, collaborating with participants to create mini-documentaries, cinepoems and music videos.

Art shouldn't be something made by the talented few to be consumed by the untalented many. Everybody has a story worthy of being told. The trick is finding your medium.

— Craig Conoley

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Use the creative process independently and collaboratively to produce and present media art works that incorporate the principles of media arts and the elements of the contributing arts. Explore traditional and emerging technologies, tools, and techniques to create works for a variety of audiences. Use the critical analysis process to develop their understanding of and appreciation for media art works. Examine the interrelationships between media art works and individual and cultural identities and values, generating a deeper understanding of themselves and the communities in which they live. Acquire theoretical concepts and a specialized vocabulary for evaluating their own creations and the work of other media artists; learn about the historical and sociocultural contexts of media arts and examine ethical, environmental, and safety issues associated with this art form.

Artistic Disciplines

Media Arts




Children ages 12 - 18, Seniors, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

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We were thrilled yesterday to see the work of Craig with our students - the kids have really taken this on and are running with it. Thanks for all the positivity and opportunity. It is making a difference for them, we can see!

— Kristin Kopra, Principal, OCDSB

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