Katherine Grier

About the Artist

Katherine has a broad repertoire of stories. Some are personal, passed down through her family or drawn from her own and others’ lives. Others are folktale or myth, tales honed by generations of tellers and listeners, a cultural inheritance of wisdom, wonder and humour. Over the years, Katherine has told many stories and conducted many workshops for children, youth and adults. She has performed at venues including schools, libraries, coffee-houses, prisons, the National Arts Centre Fourth Stage, and the Toronto, St. John’s and Ottawa Storytelling Festivals. The Canada Council for the Arts, Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Council, and Ontario Arts Council have all recognized the value of her work. Katherine describes her most recent focus – mentoring older adults as they shape and tell their own stories – as fascinating and deeply rewarding.

I love telling stories because they contain the gamut of human experience and emotion

— Katherine Grier

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Artistic Disciplines

Literary Arts


Person with a Disability, Seniors, Women+



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