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Cell Phone Storytelling : Creating Mini Documentaries




Media Arts


In-Person, Online

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Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

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Produce a mini-documentary with a cell phone and get your message across! Participants will study the fundamentals of documentary video creation: interview conduction, A Roll and B Roll content creation, video and audio editing techniques and the importance of democratizing video production.

Craig Conoley offers video workshops that can adapt to different situations. In the 2-hour workshop, participants will learn techniques to create 1 to 2-minute videos. Residency projects allow them to develop more complex projects, exploring particular themes or issues.



In person and online

Three Full Day Residency: $1290 + HST

Each Additional Day: $430 + HST

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We were thrilled yesterday to see the work of Craig with our students - the kids have really taken this on and are running with it - thanks for all the positivity and opportunity, it is making a difference for them we can see!

— Principal - Hawthorne Public School, OCDSB

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