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Literary Arts


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Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4

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Listening to these musical tales that draw on the four seasons will build participants’’ respect for our environment.

Please make us aware of which tale you would like performed for your participants’

The Otter Dream: Boni the otter dreams of funny things but learns that it is the journey that counts; her friends and family help her along the way as she overcomes her difficulties.

The Magic Lake: Rainbow, the curious lake trout, seeks the light and is tricked into an early spring. Bougon the pike causes trouble, which leads to disaster. A reminder of our need to respect the rhythms of nature.

The Adventures of Monarch Butterfly: Monarch is the only one of his clan to have survived the drought. When faced with this loss of community, he sets out on a journey and finds new friends and family.

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In person

One hour session: $270 + HST

Half day: two 1 hour sessions$350 + HST

Full day: three 1 hour sessions$450 + HST


One hour session: $270 + HST

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