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Voice Types







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European Culture, North American History


Children ages 12 - 18, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

About this program

Voice Types explores the different categorizations of the operatic voice. Mentor Nick Borg dives into how vocal range and characterization all play a huge part in not only how operas are cast but how they are written.

This workshop belongs to the HONE Program.

HONE is a quite malleable program that consists of 4 main components that can be shifted to meet the needs of the classroom.

  1. Digital Concert: The digital concerts that come with the program that are not directly linked to the session video portion. They are meant to introduce students to a wide array of opera and classical vocal repertoire. Chose between My Voice or My Opera concerts. Read descriptions below.
  2. Intro & Concert Q & A: The intro and concert q & a is the first interaction with the Opera InReach mentors. The concerts are meant to be thought-provoking, so we want to leave space for discussion and questions. The mentors will ask the students questions about the performances and create a brave space for critical thought and discussion.
  3. Session: “Session” is our word for “lesson.” They are videos covering various topics that explore the intersections of opera and contemporary culture. They are designed to offer ideas and ways of thinking rather than hard skills. They are meant to inspire creativity, and critical thought, while instilling the impact that opera and the arts have on a broader society. 
  4. Discussion/Activity: Each session is completed with either some form of activity and/or discussion. The mentors will facilitate a discussion on the material or lead an activity that gets the students exploring the ideas and concepts shared in the session.

Digital Concert Descriptions (VOD)

My Voice – Length: 35 minutes

“My Voice” features a wide array of classical vocal repertoire spanning over 400 years, all sung by members of the Opera InReach collective. This concert is meant to underscore the emotional power of the singing voice, and how opera singers and vocal artists can use their voice to create change.

My Opera – Length: 33 Minute

“My Opera” features an eclectic mix of operatic arias, sung by members of the Opera InReach collective. This concert centres on the impact opera can have one the Self, our community, and our broader society. 



VOD (35 minutes) + 60-minute online session with 2 artists $230 + HST

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