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We are always available for your questions and inquiries. Feel free to call or email any of our staff.

MASC Office

250 Holland Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 0Y5
Telephone: (613) 725 9119
Facsimile: (613) 728-3872
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Our Staff

Staff Member Position Contact
Audrey Churgin Executive Director (613) 725-9119 x 221 Contact Me
Wendy Hartley English Program Director (613) 725-9119 x 222 Contact Me
Catherine Sirois Francophone Program Director (613) 725-9119 x 229 Contact Me
Miriam Westland Office Manager
English Residency Coordinator
(613) 725-9119 x 226 Contact Me
Cheryl Carman English Bookings Coordinator (613) 725-9119 x 227 Contact Me
Chris Jackson Publications Manager (613) 725-9119 x 224 Contact Me
Micheline Shoebridge                              Community Engagement Program Director (613) 725-9119 x225 Contact Me

For Communications contact the Executive Director