School Partnerships

MASC's programs fit within school's specialized programs such as Indigenous Education, Specialized High Skills Majors (SHSMs) and Experiential Learning.

Specialized programs for your school

MASC offers specialized programs in partnership with school partners offering engaging arts and cultural programming for your students. MASC's diverse roster of professional art educators will mentor students as they explore cross-disciplinary curriculum-based subjects through an arts and culture lens from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Through experience and reflection, students will learn about diverse topics, including Indigenous studies, Natural Sciences, Cultural and Social studies, and will co-develop with MASC artists an aesthetic interpretation resulting in beautiful murals, engaging videos, live performances and more. These programs can be adapted to fit your needs, or we are always open to developing new programs in partnership with you.

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Digital Storytelling: Specialized High Skills Majors Programs and Experiential Learning

Digital Storytelling is an artist-in-residency program offered to students in grades 4 to 8 by MASC. Students will be mentored in traditional storytelling by Jacqui Du Toit and digital video production. There is power in stories and learning how to craft a story that remains true to your voice is an important way to honour yourself and share your identity and point of view with others. Working with a professional storyteller who has made this her lifelong passion and career will provide the students with the necessary guidance and encouragement.

In a digital world surrounded by social media and digital platforms, understanding the complexity of the digital landscape is key. Working with a professional videographer, the students will produce three professionally-filmed videos. The program will empower students by providing a safer space to craft and share their stories. Sharing and learning different perspectives will build a healthier and safer community in the school environment. The videos will leave a tangible and long-lasting legacy within the school community as well as the wider community through social media channels.

The world is made of stories, and this program can give these students a public voice!

Experiential Learning: The Connection

The Connection: Spoken Word and Cinepoetry Mentorship is an 8-week artist in residency program. Students will be mentored in three interconnected areas: the art of spoken word with JustJamaal ThePoet, video production and distribution, and event management. At the end of the program, students will organize a final showcase of live performances and videos. This cross-disciplinary and experiential learning project will offer an overarching view of the arts - students will understand the arts sector's complexities, making connections to community issues and professional career interests. Ideal for students in grades 4-12.

Indigenous Education: Elder & Artist in Residency

The Elder and Artist in Residency Program is an arts education program that pairs an Indigenous Elder with an Indigenous artist and offers students an in-depth and enriched artistic experience, providing an alternative lens to understand Indigenous ways of Knowing, Thinking, Feeling, and Being. The project introduces students to Indigenous culture through the arts. The Elder introduces students to Indigenous teachings through storytelling and songs, exploring concepts like land-based knowledge, the sacredness of water, holism, interrelatedness, reciprocity, Turtle Island, and the Medicine Wheel, among other teachings. Each project results in a mural installed permanently in the school.

"The Grade 4 students at Guardian Angels were honoured to be given the opportunity to participate in the Elder and Artist in Residency Program. Students were fully engaged and enthusiastic as they explored aspects of the Indigenous culture through the storytelling and songs of Elder Irene Compton. Through her teachings and references from the past and present, all learners had a better understanding of the land; the gifts of water, air, fire; how to care for Mother Earth; the Grandfather Teachings; the significance of the Land Acknowledgement; and so much more. Artist Kseniya Tsoy provided an enriched artistic experience by having the students transfer their knowledge using paper cut-outs to explore and express themselves creatively by collaborating with one another on the mural. Stopping to celebrate each child’s contributions was an important, exciting part of the process. The final piece is evidence of how each child translated their newfound passion they have for Indigenous art and culture. This special partnership and project has far exceeded what we could have ever imagined and the memories made will live forever in the minds of those fortunate to have been part of the journey." - Karen Wilson, Principal, Ottawa Catholic School Board

Indigenous Education

MASC is proud to offer many Indigenous programs featuring dancing, storytelling and theatre performances, hands-on art projects and more. In 2020, MASC established an Indigenous Advisory Committee comprised of Elders representing First Nations, the Algonquin Anishinaabe Host Nation, the Métis Nation and the Inuit community.

The Committee focused on the importance of respecting cultural protocols in the context of MASC’s Indigenous programs through the following cultural protocols:

• being honoured by your community
• having the permission and support from your community to deliver teachings
• being connected and active in your community