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Two young girls interacting with an tablet device with text to the left of flyer reading Join the MASC Artist Roster.
Applications to join the MASC roster of artists are closed until January 2025.

MASC was founded on the importance of introducing professional artists, including those of diverse backgrounds, to participants with the goal of developing a culture of awareness, as well as artistic and cultural appreciation through schools and communities. As MASC values Equity and Diversity in its workplace, we encourage First Nations, Inuit, Métis, Black, artists of colour, artists with disabilities, and 2SLGBTQI+ artists to apply.   

Application guidelines 



The artist is recognized as a professional artist: 

  • The artist has developed skills through training or practice in one or more creative disciplines. 
  • The artist is acknowledged as such by artists working in the same artistic tradition. 
  • The artist has a history of public performance, exhibitions, or publications (including art fairs, pow-wows, festivals, and professional presentations).


  • The artist is experienced in delivering arts programming in school and/or community settings. 
  • The artist’s programs are unique and innovative. 
  • The artist’s programs are relevant in reference to the Ontario Curriculum of Education. 
  • The artist has genuine passion and capacity in sharing knowledge with participants. 
  • The artist is committed to arts education. 


For all culturally related programming, please thoroughly familiarize yourself with MASC’s Cultural Appropriation Policy


  • MASC will contact the artist(s) if we wish to explore your programs further. Due to the quantity of applications, we unfortunately can’t respond to all applications. 
  • The first step is to have a meeting to discuss your programming in greater depth.  
  • Following the first meeting, if both MASC and the artist(s) wish to pursue, MASC will organize an audition of your program. This audition will be offered free of charge to a venue working with an underserved community and the artist(s) will receive an honorarium. 
  • Teachers or venue representatives will observe the presentation and will be asked to provide written feedback. MASC staff will also be present to observe. All feedback will be shared with the artist(s). 
  • If successful, the artist(s) will be invited to join the MASC program and will be offered a contract for MASC’s upcoming season (September 1st to August 30th
  • All MASC artists require a current Police Check.
  • For people who are Deaf, hard of hearing, or TTY users, please use your preferred MRS (Message Relay Service) or IP service to contact us.

For further information, contact