You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!

What does MASC mean?

MASC stands for Multicultural Arts for Schools and Communities. But you can just call us MASC!

What region does MASC serve?

MASC offers in-person programming across Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Our virtual programs are available across Canada.

How do I become a MASC artist?

We welcome applications from artists throughout the year. Applications are reviewed in the fall and program decisions are made between February and April for the following school year. For details, please click here.

How do I book an artist for my school / event?

Booking an artist is easy! You can browse our roster of 60+ artists and artist groups, or check out our 300+ programs. Just select the program that interests you, and submit a booking form!

Once you have selected your program, along with dates and times, the Booking Coordinator will connect with the artist for their availability. When both parties agree on a date and time for the activity, the Booking Coordinator will send the venue an invoice for the activity. If the activity is virtual, the venue must provide a platform link to connect with the artist. In some cases, the Booking Coordinator will provide you with a performance link depending on the type of reservation you have made.

We ask that you pay the invoice only once the activity has happened. The school/organization pays MASC and we pay the artist directly. This electronic invoice is due one month after the activity. We asked that you pay by direct deposit; all information will be provided upon request.

How do I apply for subsidies?

MASC is proud to offer subsidies in a variety of settings. 

Typically, funding is available for support schools, schools within rural districts of the City of Ottawa, some schools in rural districts beyond the Ottawa/Gatineau region and also for seniors venues. From time to time, new opportunities arise. Funding for a performance or full day of workshops  is distributed on a first-come first-served basis.

Funding for long-term residency projects is also available for projects on a bigger scale.

To find out if you’re eligible for a subsidy, get in touch with reservations@masconline.ca 

Who funds MASC’s programs?

To keep our programs accessible, MASC relies on public and private funding as well as in-kind support. For a complete list of donors, please view our  sponsors  page. 

What is a residency?

Residencies are multi-day workshop sessions. They provide hands-on learning opportunities for participants through long-term, artist-led projects. Residencies typically run anywhere from 3 days to several weeks. Funding is often available for high-need communities. 

How are travel costs calculated?

If your school is located outside the City of Ottawa, the venue is responsible for the costs of transportation. All schools located 25km from Ottawa centre are charged a mileage fee of $0.40 per kilometer. Some artists will have an additional travel cost and this will be noted on their web page. For over-night stays, the venue is also responsible for lodging the artist and per diems. 

What are MASC’s hours of operation?

The MASC office is open 8:30-5:00 Monday to Friday.

What if I need to postpone or reschedule a booking?

Please check our Cancellation Policies  for specific details.

What happens in case of snow days?

If a school/organization has to cancel for reasons beyond control (eg: bus cancellations, snow days, school/venue closures, etc), no charge will be made to the school/organization and no payment will be made to the artist. The artist may also postpone the activity if they deem the conditions unsafe to travel in. The activity will be rescheduled on a suitable date. Please see the  cancellation policy  for visiting artists. 

Can I include a few more participants over the recommended maximum?

Depending on the number of extra participants you’d like to include, additional participants may be accommodated with the artist’s permission. In this case a fee increase may be applied for each additional participant. Please contact MASC to confirm.

Can I include grades that are not indicated as appropriate for the performance?

If you want to include ages above or below the appropriate range indicated you must make this request with MASC at the time of booking. It is not advisable to exceed the grade range suggested but it may be possible depending on your students and the program. Please contact MASC to confirm. 

Where will the performance/workshop take place?

Each artist has a preference as to their preferred performance/workshop location. Please read the technical requirements (this will be sent to you after the booking is confirmed) carefully to understand all of the artist’s requirements. Please contact MASC if you have any queries around activity location. 

What is the school/venue responsible for on the performance/workshop day?

 Ensuring the technical information sheet has been read and followed. 
     Making sure someone is on hand to greet the performers upon their arrival at the school to make them feel welcome. 
     Consulting with the company stage manager or performers upon arrival about audience size and grade level, seating and any special requirements. 
     Making sure that your students and staff know audience etiquette. A quiet and attentive audience means that everyone will enjoy the experience. 
     Designating a staff person or student to introduce the performance and to thank the artists after the activity has taken place. 
     Completing and submitting the Performance/Workshop Evaluation Form

I want to let funders/artists know how valuable this program was for my students/community. Who can I contact? How do I send my thanks to the artist?

We’d love to hear from you. Quotes are used in our reports to funders and forwarded to our artists. Your testimonials are greatly appreciated. Contact us directly to share your stories, or fill out an evaluation.