Funding for performances, workshops and Artist-in-residence projects*

Funding is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible schools and do not require an application process. While these funds subsidize the cost of a MASC program, your venue will be responsible for paying the remaining balance. Please read the details below carefully to determine eligibility.

City of Ottawa Rural Initiative Funding

  • Available to schools, seniors venues and community groups located in the rural districts of the City of Ottawa.
  • This funding may be applied to a performance, a full day of workshops or Artist-in-Residence projects (*description below).

Cajole Inn Foundation

  • Funding is available to schools serving high-need communities (as identified by school boards) within the City of Ottawa.
  • This funding will subsidize the cost of materials for Visual Arts workshops or residencies.

For more information on how to access a subsidy, contact us.

* Artist-in-Residence Program

Residency programs provide hands-on learning opportunities for participants through multiple-day, artist-led projects. If you would like to book an artist for a project of three or more full days, but require financial assistance, you may be eligible to receive a financial subsidy. While these grants substantially cover the costs of MASC residencies, your school will be responsible for any remaining balance.