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MASC would like to thank its funders and supporters for their commitment and generosity. Their endorsement facilitates MASC in providing creative arts experiences to over 200,000 people every year.

MASC gratefully acknowledges the financial support and assistance of:

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French Family Foundation

Agnès Levesque
Alex Dornier
Alexis Goudreau
Alfred St-Aubin
Alison Horsten
Alison Vicrobeck
Amanda West Lewis  
Amélie Bisson
Andrea Podruski
Audrey Gagnon
Barbara Konst
Benoit Roy
Boyd Whittall
Bryan Gagné
Camille Lam
Carole Beaulieu
Caroline Laverdure
Chantal Mougel
Chantal Racine  
Chris Jackson
Christine Laporte
Claire Speed
Colin Henein
Danielle Grégoire
Denise Lemire
Dick Mabee
Don MacGregor
Donna Dudinsky
Elspeth Ross
Florian François
Frédéric Baril
Garth Brooks
Gisèle Quenneville
Hayden Trenholm
Hugues Beaudoin
Isabelle Daveau
Isabelle Ouellette
Jacinthe Brennan
Jaime Morse
Janet Adams
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Baniczky
Jennifer Boudewyn
Jennifer Cayley
Jessica Ruano
Joelle Drouin
Juan-Luis Vasquez
Judith Boileau
Julia Cipriani
Julie Taillon
Kathryn Ferris
Kathy Armstrong

Laëtitia Monnier
Line Dezainde
Lisa Savard
Lise Soucy
Liss Family
Lita Lahaie-Laprade
Lynn Tarzwell Madeleine Aubrey
Madeleine Bourcier
Magalie-France Houle
Marc Keelan-Bishop
Margaret Glossop
Marie-Josée Houle
Marion Laffradi
Mark Curfoot-Mollington
Mars Juarez
Mary Collis
Mathieu Fortin
Mélanie Grenier
Melanie Rushworth
Micheline Jeaurond
Michelle Séguin
N Campbell
Nathalie Benoit
Nathalie Falardeau
Nhung Tran
Olivier Sabino
Patrick Fournier
Patsy Lamothe
Peggy Koulaib
Pierre Simpson
Rachel Nador
Richard Robichaud
Rosemary Carter
Sandy Tremblay
Sarah Brousseau
Sophia Mullin
Sophie Stephenson
Stéphane Lachance
Stephanie Bajwa
Stéphanie Cousineau
Stephanie Dion
Susan Whittall
Suzanne Marriott
Sylvie Ngamani
Tom & Gloria Shoebridge
Trisha Mason
Vanessa Helleur

Affinity Productions
Canada Helps
French Family Foundation
Harry P Ward Foundation
Kelly Funeral Home
Leacross Foundation
PayPal Giving Fund Canada
The GoodCoin Foundation

Funds:  Brodhead Fund, Opportunities Fund, Children and Youth Fund,  Harvey and Louise Glatt Fund – OCF 

Photography/Videos: Marianne Duval, Harry Ferderber, Bill Juillette, Randy Kelly, Martin Lipman