Senior Partnerships

MASC offers specialized arts programs to seniors' residences, long-term care homes, and community housing.

Working with Seniors and Older Adults

MASC works with numerous community partners to bring engaging programs that reduce isolation, encourage physical activity and raise awareness and appreciation for cultural diversity. MASC artists work in all artistic disciplines and offer workshops that are geared towards seniors and adaptable to different participant abilities. Our performances are engaging and allow the participants to experience culture from around the world, high-quality shows that are brought right to them. We develop short and long term programming with you that fits your groups' needs.

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Dance Residencies

Explore culture, get physically active, bring people together and break isolation. Dancing is an excellent activity to accomplish all of these things and more. MASC has many artists who can share dance styles from many different cultures. Dance residencies offer participants to learn more about the culture, build friendships and learn choreographies that build memory.


Murals add vibrancy and beauty to a space. When created by the community, they also become a source of expression and pride. Mural-making brings people together, provides a creative outlet and allows a community to explore issues that are important to them, resulting in an impactful mural that is seen by many.

Intergenerational Programming

MASC has had great success engaging participants of different age groups, bridging differences and finding commonalities through arts. Participants have co-created murals, poetry, videos and more! Come explore the possibilities of intergenerational programming with a MASC artist today!

Over-The-Phone Concerts

Calling all senior songbirds and bookworms! MASC provides over-the-phone concerts to seniors in both urban and rural areas through Mercuri Conferencing System. Participants can dial in and hear stories and songs from MASC artists, with a different artist performing each time, giving a chance for community and connection during these tough times. MASC is currently partnering with the Good Companions Seniors Centre, Rural Ottawa South Support Services (ROSSS), Cumberland Heritage Village Museum, and Shenkman Arts Centre to offer weekly concerts every Tuesday from 3-4pm starting January 25th.

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To attend by phone, call 613-686-1547 code: 693217