Can you imagine growing up without the arts?

For many children, it’s a privilege they simply can’t afford. Just think about the cost of art supplies, drama classes, dance classes, writing workshops, or filming equipment!

At MASC, we aim to bring arts to all children.

That’s why we do most of our work in schools, where students – regardless of economic background – can all benefit from the same arts experiences.

We reduce the barriers that prevent children and their families from accessing the tools they need to explore their own creativity.

Oftentimes the barriers aren’t just financial. Children in remote neighbourhoods can’t always get a ride to a downtown art class; their parents don’t have time to take them to a theatre production, or a music festival. 

We actively seek out funding so that our professional artists are paid fairly, and our programs are affordable for all schools.

We never ask our artists to work for free: each program has a fee attached to it, and the schools are responsible for covering costs. However, thanks to our incredible supporters and funders, MASC offers subsidies to underserved schools and communities that may not be able to afford the full fee.

MASC artists offer over 2000 workshops and 800 performances in schools and communities, to over 250,000 people per year. 

We want to continue growing so that even more children – regardless of who they are and where they come from – can see a live performance, create a mural together, make a music video, learn about hoop dancing, meet a published author, and so much more. 

This Giving Tuesday, donate to MASC and make an inspiring difference in the life of a child in your community.